A truly odd story comes from Peru where police discovered a 26 year old peruvian man carrying around an 800 year old male Egyptian mummy that the mad claims is his spiritual girlfriend.

But just when you thought that was the weirdest thing you ever heard, the story gets even stranger. The so-called ‘spiritual girlfriend’ is actually the mummified body of a man whom scientists say died between 500 and 800 years ago at the age of 45.

Police said the man named the mummy ‘Juanita’, but that it would more correctly be named “Juan”. The man, Julio Cesar Bermejo, claims to have gotten the mummy from his father, and said he sleeps with it in his bed every night and that he takes care of ‘her’.

Police made the discovery after they stopped Bermejo fo driving under the influence. He was carrying the mummy in a duffel bag in the man’s car.

-Tony Lee