White Castle Hamburgers has hired two new cooks to prepare their hamburgers, but these two cooks will never complain about working conditions or ask for a raise, and unless they are injured, will probably never be late for work or ask for vacation time off.

They will begin their duties in the mid-west, where the food chain itself began, most likely working their way across the nation over time.

Did I forget to mention the newly hired cooks are robots?

Fast-food chain White Castle has been outsourcing some of its jobs to Miso Robotics’ “Flippy 2” across the country.

The chain has been experimenting with the robotic fry cook since September 2020, when the original “Flippy” was installed in a Chicago area restaurant.

After upgrading to “Flippy 2” at the original test location in November 2021, White Castle decided to roll out a larger version of the program.

The robot takes over the work of an entire fry station.

A White Castle spokesperson said the program is still being rolled out and will eventually be in nearly one-third of the company’s approximately 350 brick-and-mortar White Castle restaurants across the Midwest, Southwest and the New York area.

-Tony Lee