Amtrak has apparently issued a partial credit to passengers that were stranded for 4 hours on a train last week after first refusing to answer reporter’s questions about a derailment.

Passengers called NewsFirst to report the rain had come to a halt 6 miles north of the town of Wasco as they were returning to Bakersfield from Sacramento.

Passengers interviewed said they overheard train personnel talking about the derailment, but when asked, one passenger said the conductors refused to say what had happened, referring only to a light malfunctioning.

That passenger said people on the train were offered neither food nor drink unless they paid for it, but the following day Amtrak sent an email to media outlets saying they did indeed provide refreshments to the stranded passengers, but then said the train continued on its way to Sacramento. In reality, the passengers bn question were leaving Sacrament and heading south to Bakersfield on train #714, not the train #719 referred to by the rail company. When this mistake was pointed out to Amtrak, media contacts at Amtrak cut off communication with news departments and provided no explanation for the incident.