Employees of the SAFE Credit Union in Sacramento were greeted by a startling sight when they arrived to work last Wednesday: One of their ATMs was gone.

Video released Monday by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office shows a man, who was wearing an orange safety vest and a mask, drive up to the cash machine in a forklift. As a second man in a white pickup looks on, the forklift driver attempts to lift the ATM – but instead, he just knocks it over, the video reveals. “After the suspect operating the forklift knocked the ATM off of its platform, they eventually loaded it in the bed of the pickup truck,” says Sergeant Amar Gandhi.

But they didn’t get far, Gandhi says. “During the course of their getaway, the ATM machine fell out of the truck in the middle of Watt Avenue, causing an unrelated traffic crash,” he says. “Both suspects fled the scene and have yet to be identified or located.”