The Kern Oil Festival is coming-up in November…..

The Kern Oil Festival, formerly the Kern Energy Festival, invites the community to participate in a day long event celebrating Kern County’s largest economic engines.

The Kern Oil Festival is scheduled for Nov. 12., at Stramler Park located at 4003 Chester Avenue in Bakersfield. The event will feature music, food and drinks from local vendors, according to a news release.
Entry to the festival is free and opens from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The festival’s mission is to cultivate an understanding of local and energy and the impact energy has in the community and statewide economies, festival organizers said.

Oil companies will have large equipment on display and will be answering questions about how the machinery is utilized in the field. The heavy machinery is rarely on display to the public and organizers say this will be a unique opportunity witness the equipment used to generate oil production, according to organizers.                     (News Release)         BC