Texas Death Toll Rises To 19: Kern Reacts

More information is filtering out from Uvalde, Texas where a gunman stormed into an elementary school after killing his own grandmother, and slaughtered helpless children. As police continue to investigate the shooting, and the shooter, more victims have died. The number is now up to 19 students and 2 teachers, plus 12 wounded and police say all of the victims were in the same 4th grade classroom.

The shooter, who was killed by police, is identified as 18 year old Salvador Ramos who also lived in Uvalde, 80 miles west of San Antonio, and they say he acted alone but the motive is still unknown. But people also wonder could the two murdered teachers have stopped the gunman sooner, and perhaps saved their own lives if they had been armed?

The news hit hard in Bakersfield where many people have family and roots in Texas, and they have children in school here … wondering if the same thing could happen here. The last school shooting in Kern County was 9 years ago in Taft, and today lawmakers in Washington D.C. are searching for some way to prevent future killings.

Some lawmakers are leaning towards so called “red flag’ laws which would make it easier to identify someone considering such action, and require them to act before the potential shooter does.

-Tony Lee