Survey: Arizona Has Most Confrontational Drivers

Considering how hot it gets there, it should be no surprise that Arizona has been named the state with the highest number of “confrontational drivers” on the road.

Forbes Advisor has made the determination after conducting a survey of U.S. motorists. It found that Arizona’s roads are very ugly places, as one in five Arizonans has been forced off the road by another driver at least once. Plus, 56 percent of the state’s motorists say other people routinely block them when they try to change lanes, while 81 percent say they’ve been screamed at, insulted or threatened by other drivers, per the survey. One in three Arizonans say another driver has actually gotten out of his or her vehicle to fight, Forbes found.

In contrast, Delaware has been determined to have the highest number of courteous drivers in the country, according to Forbes Advisor. Only 5 percent say they’ve been forced off the road, 11 percent say they’ve been cut off and just 8 percent say they’ve been confronted by another driver, per the survey.