A hospital security guard in Phoenix is facing charges after he reportedly had sex with a woman’s dead body, authorities say.

Randall Bird, 46, was taken into custody on Tuesday, about a month after another security guard spotted him in the Banner University Medical Center morgue, having sex with a 79-year-old woman’s body on top of a gurney in a freezer, according to the Phoenix Police Department. Banner security guards are tasked with moving bodies to the morgue freezer, although they’re not supposed to open the body bags, a spokeswoman says.

For his part, Bird claims he only unzipped the body bag because he thought the body had been “broken,” after which he suffered a “medical episode,” according to police. He says he remembers nothing after that point.

Bird – who’s been fired from his job — is facing several felony counts involving crimes against a dead person, the Phoenix P.D. reports.