A man who thought his first amendment rights permitted him to express his true feelings about his African American neighbors found out he was mistaken. He also thought as long as he stayed on his own property, his way of expressing himself was perfectly legal. But in the end, Axel Cox found himself in jail because, not only did he break the law by trying to intimidate his neighbors, but doing that by burning a cross in his own front yard just made matters worse.

Cox’s neighbors didn’t take kindly to Cox expressing his thoughts by burning a cross, even if the man did it on his own front yard.

Police say Cox will spend some time in prison as a reward for his threatening and derogatory behavior.

Meanwhile  the Anti Defamation League says White supremacist propaganda has reached an all-time high. The organization says there were 6,751 cases of racist, antisemetic or anti-LGBTQ contect in the country last year, which is the highest number, 38% higher, of such incidents since the ADL began keeping track of such things in 2017.

Experts say the increase represents intensified recruitment efforts on the parts of groups that promote such practices.

Hawaii is the only state in the Union not showing any cases of such bigotry, while the highest levels were shown in Texas, followed by Massachusetts, Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, Utah, Florida, Connecticut and Georgia.

-Tony Lee