March is STD/HIV Month in our 2024 initiative “A Healthier Kern – One Heart at a Time”

 WHAT:            Kern County Public Health invites our media partners to join us for a Public Health Clinic Open House that will include a tour, meet and greet with employees and HIV rapid test demonstration.

WHEN:            Friday, March 1, at 12:30pm

WHERE:         Kern County Public Health Services, 1800 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Bakersfield, CA


WHO:              Brynn Carrigan – Director, Kern County Public Health

                        Patrick Salazar – HIV/STD Program Manager, Kern County Public Health

                        Braulio Mendoza – Clinical Supervisor, Kern County Public Health

WHY:              “A Healthier Kern – One Heart at a Time” is a year-long campaign in response to the evolving landscape of public health challenges. This year we are addressing the top 10 public health challenges and our topic for March is HIV and STDs which continue to pose a significant health threat to our community. In fact, there were more people diagnosed with HIV in Kern County in 2022 than ever before and every other day, someone in Kern County is diagnosed with HIV.  STDs such as syphilis are also reaching crisis levels, and tragically congenital syphilis is impacting our most vulnerable infants more than ever. But there is hope. A variety of services are provided in our clinic, and throughout our community. This Open House is to share testing and treatment services that are either low or no cost to our residents in need.