Police Dog Jailed For Stealing Lunch

It’s bad to steal, but stealing from a police officer in a police station is surely asking to get caught, and get caught, he did.

The crime happened in Florida at the Wyandotte Police station where officers had stopped work for a break in the station’s lunch room. The officer whose property was stolen was called back to work momentarily, but when he came back, his property was gone. That’s right… the K-9 officers half eaten lunch was nowhere to be found; that is not until he noticed his police K-9, “Ice” was looking suspiciously full, and licking his lips as if he had just swallowed something.

With this evidence, and crumbs from the officer’s sandwich still on the dog’s mouth, Ice was promptly taken into custody, a mug shot was taken, and the charges were written up.

On Social media. Complete with the mug shot.

More than 18 thousand people responded, some offering to defend the pooch Pro-bone-O in court or post his bail.One viewer even brought Ice another sandwich

Meanwhile officers say Ice is not cooperating with investigators, having not admitted to the crime nor given an explanation for the theft of his human partner’s lunch.

There is no word on what penalty the dog faces if he is found guilty… probably something like, no doggie biscuits for a week.

-Tony Lee