Old VHS Tape Brings $75K at Auction

Got any old VHS tapes in the attic or a closet? You might want to go through them… they may not be as worthless as you thought but only if they are still in the original sealed packaging. That’s what one person found out after discovering a VHS copy of “Back To The Future” in near mint condition, and put it up for auction.

When the the gavel sounded, the tape was sold for 75 thousand dollars. That set a new record for a movie published on the VHS tape format, which went out of fashion in the early 2000’s. The last movie produced on VHS was “A History Of Violence” back in 2006, but before that, in 2003, people had moved on to other formats and VHS players were no longer being made.

You might want to check out the flea markets… there could be gold waiting to be mined.

– Tony Lee