As Alabama investigators continue trying to sort out the facts in the case of woman who disappeared for two days, Crime Stoppers of Metro Alabama has announced it won’t refund the $63,378 that residents donated to help find her.

The announcement comes more than a week after 25-year-old Carlee Russell showed up at her home – and just hours after Crime Stoppers officials said they’d be returning the donations. ​“This investigation is still ongoing, and accordingly, there is no basis to refund any contributions at this time,” reads a statement released by Crime Stoppers. “Furthermore, the Hoover Police Department has not requested for any donor contributions to be released or refunded.”

Russell seemingly disappeared from a Hoover interstate on July 13th after she called 911 to report a toddler on the road. She returned home two days later, sparking speculation that she’d faked the disappearance. However, Russell maintains she was kidnapped and held against her will, police say.

Since the money isn’t being used to find Russell, should it be returned.