If 43 year old Burshawn Quildon told anyone he was taking the bus from the JFK airport in New York, he wasn’t kidding. He literally stole an American Airlines passenger bus that he found idling in the parking lot and drove it through Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan before police were able to stop him and take him into custody.

Now, Quildon sits in jail charged with grand larceny of an automobile and criminal possession of stolen property.

Quildon has nine prior arrests on his record for things like robbery, marijuana possession assault and transit fraud, but apparently he decided to go big or go home. In the stolen bus.

It all happened at about 2 in the morning. The bus is normally used to transport aircrews from the airport to hotels and had been left running in the employee parking lot.

Police say the investigation continues, and they have not yet determined a reason for the unusual theft.

-Tony Lee