A stalled Tesla in Washington once again points out the need for an infrastructure for electric vehicles as states try to phase out gasoline powered cars.

Last month California unveiled plans to outlaw the sale of new gas powered cars in 12 years but in Washington, a state considering similar legislation, a couple narrowly avoided tragedy when their electric Tesla ran out of power and had no way to recharge the battery. They were saved by a group of miners who pushed the couple;s vehicle into a mine shaft where they were able to connect the vehicle to a power source, and re-charge the battery.

But they were lucky to have the generous miners find them, and save them. The coal miners say their jobs are endangered by moves to eliminate the use of coal as a means of cleaning up the environment, They say they helped the couple in part to show that even miners have a heart.

The miners also said it’s a good example of how old technology can come to the rescue of new technology, especially when society is not prepared for the  latest fad.


– Tony Lee