Mass Shooting Kills 7 In Half Moon Bay

At Half Moon Bay in the Northern part of California, another mass shooter has taken seven innocent lives after an employee chose violence as a way to settle a dispute over the cost of a repair.

The San Mateo District Attorney was quoted as saying 66 year old Chunli Zhao worked at the mushroom farm where he shot and killed  four people, but he then went on to a trucking facility where he was previously employed, and killed three more people.

Investigators are calling the situation an incident of workplace violence.

The report continues to say Zhao was told to pay $100 to repair a forklift he was operating when it was in a collision with a bulldozer, but he claimed his co-worker, the driver of the bulldozer, was the person responsible for the accident. He then shot both the supervisor and the co-worker before turning the gun on a third employee.

Zhao claims he had been bullied while working at the mushroom farm and at the trucking business. 

-Tony Lee