An Internet site that has helped married people connect with strangers for sex says Bakersfield is the 16th most involved city in infidelity of all of its subscribers.

Ashley Madison said it looked at how many people come from American towns, and placed Miami Florida at the top of the lost for the most married people looking for extra marital relationships, while Portland, Oregon came in with the smallest number. Neither Los Angeles nor Fresno placed in the top 20 at all.

Ashley Madison’s Chief Strategy Officer, Paul Keable, says there is always a significant increase in subscriptions to their service at holiday times, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. He continued by saying although monogamy is the accepted norm for our country, it isn’t for everyone. As for the reasons behind people looking for infidelity, Keable says what you think may be the reasons, may not actually be the reasons some people make that choice.changes. 

In California, for instance, Keable says the wild and open lifestyles of Hollywood may suggest the Golden State has more cheating going on, but this state shows fewer people signing up than expected. The reason, he says, is non monogamy has been normalized and is more accepted here than other states, so there is no need to turn to a site that offers discretion in making “hook-ups”.

-Tony Lee