Man Tries To Immolate Girlfriend, Burns 2 Home And Himself Instead

Police in Middletown, Connecticut say a man is in their custody after he tried to set a woman on fire, but instead, burned down two mobil homes.

According to reports, 55 year old Eugene Boudreau got into an argument with the woman he had been dating and decided to douse her with gasoline. But as Boudreau tried to ignite her, she ran out of the home. 

Police Captain Brian Hubbs says police were originally called to the home for a domestic disturbance. They tried to get Boudreau to come out peacefully but he reduced. A drone was deployed to monitor the situation at a distance out of fear that the man was armed.

Officers say Boudreau then set the trailer on fire before giving up and allowing himself to be taken into custody.   

He was taken to a local hospital with serious burns and is said to be in stable condition.

There is no word as to his legal status, and what he will be charged with. Presumably there will be an evaluation of his mental state before charges are decided.

-Tony Lee