If the ship you were sailing on drifted out to sea and you were stranded alone at sea for days, how could you survive? 47 year old Elvis Francois survived for 24 days at sea by eating the only thing edible he found on board the vessel…ketchup!

The Dominican sailor was conducting a repair on his boat when it somehow broke away from the dock and floated out to sea. The only thing on the boat was a bottle of Heinz ketchup which he sipped on for more than three weeks.

When he was finally rescued and his story began to circulate, the Heinz Ketchup company began searching for him to present the intrepid sailor with a gift. No, it wasn;t a lifetime supply of the condiment, which he very well may hope he never lays eyes on again, but a brand new boat. The new craft is complete with state of the art navigation equipment to help him never have a similar experience.

-Tony Lee