Labor Day: Day Six of Statewide Flex Alerts

Energy officials have extended a statewide Flex Alert into Labor Day as high energy demands are expected amid extreme, record-setting heat. It’s the sixth day in a row of alerts brought on by soaring temperatures.

A Flex Alert is a call for consumers to voluntarily conserve electricity when there is an anticipated shortage of energy supply, especially if the grid operator needs to use reserves to maintain grid integrity. When consumers reduce electricity use during a Flex Alert, it can prevent more dire emergency measures, including rotating power outages.

The California Independent Systems Operator is asking Californians to voluntarily cut back on electricity use from 4 p.m. through 10 p.m. Monday, Sept. 5.

“The extra hour of reduced energy use is needed [Monday] because of projected market deficiencies through 10 p.m.,” Cal ISO said in a statement Sunday.

The call for extended energy use cutbacks are due to the ongoing and anticipated record breaking temperatures in the state through Friday.

The National Weather Service in Hanford has predicted near-record heat for much of the Central Valley beginning Monday, when temperatures in Bakersfield and surrounding areas could reach 109 degrees. Temperatures could reach 112 on Tuesday.

Posted by Jeff Lemucchi