Inmates Break Jail For Pancakes

Imagine this: you’ve been locked up in the county jail for a while and you no doubt miss some of the perks of freedom, so you and some fellow inmates hatch a plan to escape. How do you do it and what’s the first thing on your mind to do when you reach the streets? Well let’s start with your escape. They don’t issue picks and shovels in jail, but they do give you a toothbrush, so let’s use that. 

It all happened in Newport News, Virginia, where two inmates sharpened a toothbrush and used it to dig their way out of the lock-up. Authorities are not saying how long it took the two men, but when they finally reached freedom was their first concern seeing loved ones? Did they keep running trying to get as far away from capture as possible? No! They went to the nearby IHOP for breakfast.

The inmates are identified as  37 year old John Garza and 43 year old Arlie Nemo. Sheriff’s Deputies are not saying how long it took the men to dig out of their confinement or how long they had been behind bars on charges of credit card fraud, forgery and contempt of court when they began their dramatic escape.

Customers in the restaurant noticed they looked like they had just escaped jail and called authorities who came and scooped them up. Since the inmates had no money it’s unclear who picked up the check or if they left a tip.

-Tony Lee