Hospital Patient Tells His Nurse He Is A Murderer

A man being treated in a Wisconsin hospital has confessed to murdering a woman nearly 40 years ago, authorities say.

A nurse at a local hospital contacted police to report that a patient told her he was the suspect in an unsolved murder case from nearly 40 years ago in another county, A report by the Madison Police Department says that murder involved 24-year-old college student Terry Dolowy, whose body was found decapitated and burned in 1985.

Despite the confession, Vernon County Sheriff’s Investigator Scott Bjerkos, who’s been on the case for 25 years, says more evidence is needed before the unidentified man can be charged. “You have to corroborate the information where I’m able to link him to her death,” Bjerkos says, adding that the hospital patient was “a farmer and friend of the victim’s fiancé at the time.”