Imagine trying to make your get-away carrying the weight of two million coins. That’s what happened in Philadelphia where four men have been arrested in connection with the theft of more than 2 million  dimes earlier this year.

An indictment unsealed on Friday reveals 25-year-old Rakiem Savage, 31-year-old Ronald Byrd, 30-year-old Haneef Palmer and 32-year-old Malik Palmer are each facing charges of conspiracy, robbery, and theft of government money, among others.

The theft occurred in April after a truck driver – who was transporting $750,000 in dimes to Miami – stopped in a Philadelphia parking lot to get some sleep. Surveillance footage shows six men, each dressed in a gray hoodie and armed with a bolt cutter, break into the truck and load several bags of coins into a waiting truck. They made off with a total of $234,500, police say.

-Tony Lee