A former NBC intern is suing Bill Cosby. 

Jennifer Watling claims that Cosby drugged, groped and may have raped her while she was unconscious after a cast party for “The Cosby Show.”

The suit claims, “Cosby fostered a mentoring and fatherly relationship with Ms. Watling at the studio where ‘The Cosby Show’ was filmed.”

After recording an episode, the comedian invited Watling to a cast party where she said she was hit with a severe headache.

Cosby offered her two pills that he said were aspirin and after she took them, she allegedly became incapacitated.

She says she blacked out and when she woke up, Cosby was groping her.

Watling blacked out again and when she came to, she was lying naked in the bed of a man whom she believes was with Cosby at the party.