Finally: Man Bites Dog!

While dog attacks on humans are relatively commonplace, one Vermont man has turned the tables on tradition by attacking a dog.

Woborn resident Austin Beliveau Jr., 45, is facing one count of animal cruelty after he attacked a dog that was walking with its 69-year-old owner. The incident happened last week at the Mill Pond Reservoir in Burlington, where Beliveau was riding his bicycle with two of his dogs running alongside him, police say. He came upon the victim, whose dog Gigi began barking at Beliveau’s dogs, according to the Burlington Police Department. Beliveau knocked the man down and began punching Gigi, leaving her with a broken jaw, a broken nose and missing teeth, authorities say.

After police spent several days searching for the suspect, Beliveau turned himself in early Monday afternoon, police say. He’s expected to be arraigned at Woburn District Court.