A lot of people have a second job to make ends meet, but usually, it’s something more socially acceptable than what a Chicago firefighter decided to do the get a little extra cash.

A thirty-seven year firefighter identified as Brendan Kennedy-Gasior was released from the Cook County Jail after posting a $500 bond, and being arrested on charges of running a house of ill repute during his off duty hours.

Police say Gasior ran a house of prostitution from his apartment when he wasn’t fighting fires. They discovered the extra job after a 23 year old woman went to police complaining that Kennedy-Gasior made her perform at least 50 “erotic massages” on various people in his apartment , then took half of the money she made.

Court documents show the woman said Kennedy-Gasior told the woman to charge $150 for half hour and $200 for a full hour. Larry Langford, a spokesman for the department for which Kennedy-Gasior worked, called th charges ‘serious, and do not reflect the standards of conducted expected of firefighters.’ Other court documents said the defendant placed adds on adult web sites and leave a phone number, and when a ‘client’ would call that number they would be given the address to Gasior’s apartment which is less than 1000 feet from a school.

Gasior is now on leave from his job as an Engineer operating a fire engine.pending the court process, and is due back in court in mid April. He had been on the job less than four years.

-Tony Lee