In spite of the recent conviction of members of the Proud Boys for actions connected to the January 6th riot, government officials are not through arresting and charging people it believes were connected to the insurrection. The FBI is reminding the public that there are still four U.S. Capitol riot fugitives from the Tampa, Florida area, all of whom are being pursued.

Christopher Worrell disappeared days before his sentencing hearing in August.  

The FBI has issued a wanted poster seeking tips to help locate him.  

Agents are also searching for three other Tampa-area January 6 defendants, including Jonathan Pollock, who has been on the run for nearly two years.

The agency has offered a $30,000 reward for information leading to Pollock’s arrest.

Pollock’s sister is also wanted by the FBI.

Olivia Pollock, who is a co-defendant in her brother’s case disappeared days before her trial was to begin in March. 

Joseph Hutchinson, who is also a co-defendant of the Pollocks, is being sought by federal authorities as well.

Olivia Pollock and Hutchinson both pleaded not guilty before disappearing.

-Tony Lee