Employer Gives Lottery Tickets, Workers Win $50,000

It’s going to be a merry Christmas for 21 Kentucky coworkers after their boss gave them a bunch of scratch-off tickets as a holiday gift.

Sheila Colter, a shift supervisor at the Medical Center at Bowling Green, says she ordered gifts for her employees online but they didn’t arrive in time for the company Christmas party. “So, I decided to get scratch-offs instead,” she says. When one of the tickets turned out to be a $50 winner, she and her employees found themselves inspired – and bought more tickets. One of them was worth $50,000, according to the Kentucky Lottery.

“We were all so excited,” Colter says. “I was on the floor.” After taxes, the group went home with $36,000 – which worked out to about $1,750 for each employee, Colter says.