A California woman is recovering after she attacked by as many as 100,000 bees that were living in the walls of her home.

Murrieta resident Linda Briggs, 74, says she was standing outside her house on June 28th when a swarm of bees surrounded her and covered her face and hands. A neighbor tried spraying her with a hose, but the bees wouldn’t give up, she says. Finally, the Murietta Fire Department showed up and doused her with foam, which got the bees to end their attack, according to a department rep.

Briggs was rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors removed more than 700 stingers from her, the fire department reports. But the woman’s biggest shock came when she went back home. That’s when she discovered the bees had come from the same place she had: her house. Apparently, they’d been living in her walls, she says