How many people are on earth? According to a report from the United Nations, there are now 8 billion of us. And they say in another 15 years, there will be another billion, making the total 9 billion.

The reason for the population increase is simple… people are living longer, 

China had been in the lead as the place with the most people, but U.N. reports say India is taking the lead bumping China to second place.

The number begs the question, where are these people going to live, but we have only to look into our past for that answer. Here in Bakersfield, massive home developments exist in places there were swamps 150 years ago. Colonel Thomas Baker, the man the town is named for, has been credited with draining the swampy land making more dry land fo people to farm and live on.

As time goes on, theorists say there will be colonies on other planets, in the oceans, and of course, people will tame deserts and use technology to reduce temperatures and provide water in places that were once impossible to support human live on a long term basis.

-Tony Lee