About 215 Delta passengers on a flight to New York were dumped off on a Portuguese island Friday after their plane experienced a “mechanical issue.”

The passengers who were aboard Flight 157 say they were left on the island for 12 hours and were mistreated by the airline while the crew got to relax in a posh hotel. “We were abandoned by Delta and treated like encroaching roaches by airport representatives on Terceira Islands,” says passenger Nan Asante-Smith, adding that airline reps displayed a “reckless disregard for human life and well-being.” She goes on to say Delta refused to give passengers food or water during their 12-hour wait. When they complained, “this female rep told us we should be grateful that they allowed us to be here, and our plane didn’t crash in the sea,” Asante-Smith says.

For their part, Delta officials say the passengers were eventually given ham sandwiches and explained their staff’s behavior by saying they were “overwhelmed with requests.” A spokesman says all 215 passengers were issued refunds.