A Florida man is dead after he tried to save two of his children from an electrified fountain.

Jupiter resident Nate Davenport and three of his four children were at the Harbourside Place shopping mall on Sunday, where two of his kids were playing in a splash pad fountain, says Davenport’s mother, Mary Davenport. “The kids starting screaming, ‘We’re getting shocked! We’re getting shocked!’” she says. “And so he rushed in to save them.” Davenport, 45, was apparently shocked and lost consciousness while pulling his children from the fountain, his mom says. He died after being rushed to a local hospital. Another adult who was also shocked is recovering, authorities say.

A spokeswoman for the mall says the incident didn’t occur on the splash pad, but in a part of the fountain where “no climbing” notices are posted. So far, there’s been no word on what caused the fountain to become electrified.