Tens of thousands of partygoers at the Burning Man festival in the northern Nevada desert are stuck in mud a foot deep in places with no working toilets following an unusual late-summer storm on Friday.

Organizers closed the festival to vehicles after one death was reported, but no details were given about the fatality.

The annual gathering in the Black Rock Desert attracts nearly 80,000 artists, musicians and activists for a mix of wilderness camping and performances.

Marjorie Taylor Greene says the events at Burning Man are a plot by the Deep State. 

In a Sunday interview, Greene explained the event was planned in order to force tens of thousands of people into one place in order to brainwash them on climate change.  

She says that now when all the attendees go home, they will spread climate change propaganda.

Greene also said the tornadoes and flooding were sent by God to punish attendees for a mock sacrifice that was supposedly performed at the event.