Conservative Spanish Radio In Kern County Up And Running

Spanish speaking Kern County Residents can now listen to conservative news and talk thanks to a bold move by Alpha Media flipping KNZR 1560 am to an all Spanish venue.

With the help of Florida Based Americano Media, some of the leading conservative Hispanic journalists in America can now be heard on KNZR Verdad, 1560 am.

Speaking about the change, Alpha Media Market General Manager Jeremy Price said “Kern County is 57% Hispanic and growing, and until now, those thousands of Spanish Speaking Conservative listeners have had no place to call home and get the conservative politics, news and talk they have craved.” 

Price continued to say the English Speaking conservative market is still being served by KNZR 97.7 fm, and the I-Heart Tune-In app.

“Now the conservative population of Kern County and beyond is truly being recognized and served in both English and Spanish throughout the KNZR footprint for the very first time ever,” Price continued.

KNZR Verdad 1560 am will showcase 18 hours of original programming each weekday covering critical news events, technology, culture and breaking news with diverse Spanish speaking hosts from 6am to midnight as the first Hispanic conservative voice across the spectrum.

-Tony Lee