A 20 year old woman who had been arrested, handcuffed and locked in a police car was nearly killed when that patrol car was hit by a train.

It happened in September 12th in Fort Lupton, Colorado when the arresting officers left the car on a railroad track. A video from another police car dash cam shows the train approaching with its horn blaring, and the woman screaming inside the vehicle just before the train hit, and shoved the car down the tracks with the woman inside.

Today, officer Jordan Steinke is facing charges of attempted murder and second degree assault, both felonies, and another officer, Sergeant Pablo Vazques, is facing five counts of reckless endangerment for allegedly putting the woman, Steinke and three other individuals in danger. He also faces several other charges, including illegal parking.

The victim, identified as Yareni Rios-Gonzalez, had been detained after a report of road rage involving a firearm, and also faces charges of felony menacing.

The woman suffered 9 broken ribs, a broken sternum, and other injuries to her head, leg and back, but lived through the incident to be taken to the hospital, but at last report, she had not been charged with any crime.

Meanwhile, the victim has been released from the hospital and is continuing her recovery at home. She has also retained an attorney who has initiated a law suit against the police department and the officers involved, at least one of whom has been  placed on administrative leave

-Tony Lee