Some sports fans are saying it may no longer be worth it for them to attend condors games and other events at Mechanics arena because of thefts and damage being caused to their vehicles while they are parked in the arena parking lot.

The parking facility is behind the Mechanicx arena on Truxtun bordered from the railroad tracks by a fence that some say can easily be scaled.

A recent Condors game ended with several complaints of car owners who say their car windows had been broken out and their vehicles interiors appeared to have been searched, at best, or destroyed when thieves tried to rip out entertainment centers and components.

Despite attempts to get a response from the Bakersfield Police Department no one has said what the police can do about the problem or how many reports theft have received.

Meanwhile, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Police have no jurisdiction even though the property is only separated by a fence. Their authority is restricted to railroad property and right of way.

Those affected by the vandalism and thefts say the repairs cost more than the tickets they purchased for the events they came there to see, so it’s is likely they will reconsider that the next time they think about Mechanics Arena for entertainment.

As of news time today, there has been no response from the Condors Hockey Team regarding an effect on attendance at the games, nor from Mechanics Arena about the allegations,

-Tony Lee