In the news today is a case that seems to prove a person does not have to be a college graduate to be a crook. It’s the story of a Florida man who woke up one morning and decided to steal something, but he must not have thought the whole process through.

21 year old Lantz Christian Kurtz was caught because he left a very crucial piece of evidence behind after he allegedly burglarized a gas station, and left his debit card at the scene of the crime.

It was on Cocoa Beach Florida where authorities say they had no trouble tracking a suspect down, and charging him with petty theft and armed burglary after they found his debit card on the counter.

When contacted by Sheriff’s Deputies, Kurtz admitted to the crime saying he needed some items because his car had broken down. He said he left his debit card on purpose so he could pay for the items later. Deputies say that didn;t help because he still committed a burglary and theft.

-Tony Lee