Bakersfield Prayer Breakfast Set

Bakersfield’s 44th Prayer Breakfast is scheduled for Jan. 23. According to, the annual event  brings together thousands in a communal ceremony over prayers, casserole and speeches — on homelessness, oil, agriculture and the economy.

“The prayer breakfast is much anticipated tradition and a staple of our community,” Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh said. “The purpose is to gather residents regardless of church affiliation, political ideology or religion to pray for the leaders of our nation, for our state and our community.”

The event first took place in 1975, generated from the office of then-Mayor Don Hart. After a seven-year hiatus, the event returned in 1982 and is regarded by locals as “the second largest prayer breakfast in the nation.”

“We can say it’s one of the largest, for sure,” said Garrett Ming, chairman of Prayer Breakfast Committee.

Ming said they are preparing for around 1,000 attendees — 800 for sponsors and 200 for general admission, while disclaiming it’s hard to keep track of these numbers.

-Posted by Jeff Lemucchi