Angry Demonstration Costs Business Owner Plenty

Be careful how you express your indignation… it just might cost you more money as it did in Georgia when the owner of an auto shop was forced by a court to pay a former worker $40,000. Miles Walker, owner of A-OK Walker Autoworks, soaked 91,500 pennies in oil, then dumped them in the front yard of the disgruntled employee.

That prompted the state labor department to look into Walker’s’ financial dealings with his other employees, and they found nine other employees with pay irregularities associated with those worker’s overtime.

The court then ordered Walker to compensate those employees to the tune of about $40,000. IF Walker stays true to his nature, that means he will need to find another vat of oil and soak 4,000,000 pennies, then rent another dump truck to deliver them to the yards of the nine people who were shortchanged..

-Tony Lee