WW2 Surrender Documents To Be Displayed

One of the places we most often take for granted is our home town. As young adults, or teenagers, we can’t wait to leave it behind and move to a more exciting town. But if you live here, in Bakersfield, it might change your perspective to know the huge part this town played in World War Two, and generally, in our National Defense.

Many people know that the U-2 Spy Plane was built here… right next to Meadows Field… but there is another airport you should go to, if you haven’t already… and that’s Shafter’s Minter Field. That’s where you can see a complete set of the original documents used in Japan’s surrender, signed on September 2nd 1945.

But there’s more. You will also get to meet the person who currently owns the Documents. Why here Sometimes it’s surprising that someplace we take for granted could mean so much more to others, and to history, that we thought. And that helps us appreciate that place so much more.at the Minter Field Museum? Because the author of those papers was a Bakersfield resident, and Minter Field is where many of the airmen who fought for our country in the second world war trained and learned to fly

As the late Walter Winchel used to say…”now, you know, the rest of the story.”


-Tony Lee