Woman Takes Carjacker’s Gun, Kills Him

A Las Vegas woman went from being a victim to being victorious when she shot a would be car jacker to death with his own gun.

The victim said she was sitting in her parked car with a friend talking when another vehicle parked in front of her. Three men got out of that car, one with a gun, and forced the two women to get out of their vehicle.

The trio got into her car and the gunman tried to start it and drive away, but he was unfamiliar with the push button starter. In the confusion, the gunman put his weapon in his lap, giving the victim a chance to grab it and run..

The criminal chased her, caught and tackled her to the ground, but in the struggle the woman fired the gun, killing her assailant.

Police say they will no t file charges, considering the shooting an act of self defense

-Tony Lee