Wildfires Continue To Threaten Communities

First it was Maui, and now another island faces destruction from a wildfire. At least 7,600 people have been either evacuated or ordered to shelter in place as an out-of-control wildfire continues to burn through the Spanish island of Tenerife, authorities say.

More than 250 firefighters have been deployed to take on the blaze, which began Tuesday, officials say. As of early Thursday afternoon, it was burning across 19 square miles of land, according to Regional President Fernando Clavijo. “This is probably the most complicated blaze we have had on the Canary Islands, if not ever, at least in the last 40 years,” Clavijo says.

Firefighters are desperately trying to stop the flames from reaching Santa Cruz, which is 12 miles away, emergency officials say. Six municipalities are currently threatened by the fire, they note.

-Tony Lee