We have all had the experience of leaving Bakersfield and traveling east through the mountains, where we4 had to roll our watches ahead. And going to the east coast wwe would eventually have to jump ahead three hours to have an accurate look at what time it is. But what if you went to the moon? What time would it be there?

The European Space Agency is trying to answer that question by setting up a “Moon Time Zone”. Will it be ahead or behind time on earth and if so, what part of earth?

With space tourism close to being a reality, it’s a question we may actually need an answer to very soon. According to an engineer from the agency, a common lunar reference time was first talked about last year and a joint international effort has been launched to achieve that.

Currently, time on the moon is based on time in the countries operating space crafts on the satellite. No doubt the question will come up again as we approach spending time on Mars and other heavenly bodies.

-Tony Lee