Visa Tracks Gun Sales

Visa, the world’s largest credit card company, says it will now track customer’s gun purchases. As the fight over gun ownership continues across the U-S, the Visa Credit Card Company says if you use their card to buy a firearm, they will add a special code unique to gun purchases allowing others to see what you bought.

The change was hailed by gun control advocates as a ‘win’, but seen as a loss for those who advocate gun rights who say the move is not fair.

Visa may be the first credit card company to take such a step but Mastercard and American Express have announced similar plans. Until now, anyone scrutinizing the receipt after a gun purchase would have only seen it marked as ‘General Merchandise’.

The change is the result of both New York and California’s  Attorneys General asking the card companies to help them track illegal gun sales and track gun violence.

-Tony Lee