The Trump administration notified the United Nations of its withdrawal from the historic Paris climate accord on Monday, a move that will take effect one year later, on Nov. 4, 2020 — the day after the 2020 elections.

The formal notification comes over two years after President Donald Trump announced he would pull the U.S. out of the agreement, criticizing it as imposing an unfair burden on the U.S. and doing little to halt climate change-causing emissions from other countries — claims that critics say mischaracterize the agreement.

Since Trump announced his plans to withdraw from the agreement groups of prominent leaders from the private sector and state and local governments have launched an effort to represent the U.S. in global conversations about climate change, even if the U.S. government doesn’t officially sanction their position.

The Trump administration has said it sees global water quality and ocean pollution as a more pressing issue than climate change, recently pledging $1.2 billion to ocean conservation efforts.

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