A pair of would-be burglars in Georgia got more than they expected when they broke into the Georgia Power Company Substation. Police think they may have been intending to steal copper wires to sell as scrap metal but instead, they got zapped with so much electricity that it took hours for workers to make the area safe enough for rescuers to recover the bodies.

44 year old Christopher Blair Wood and 45 year old Shane Joseph Long are currently undergoing autopsies so authorities can see if there are any extenuating reasons the men would have attempted such a crime, such as alcohol or drugs.

It all unfolded in the early morning hours in Gainesville, Georgia when police say the two men broke through what they called a secure fence and ignored danger signs that were posted in the area when they came into contact with high voltage equipment.

They recovered a back pack believed to belong to one of the deceased.

-Tony Lee