Thief Shot Stealing Catalytic Converter

All across the country people are returning to their vehicles to find someone has cut off their automobile’s catalytic converter, leaving them with thousands of dollars in damage. But at least one man in San Antonio Texas decided not to be a victim and stop a few other people from being victims.

The unidentified employee from a furniture store saw a man crawling under a car with an electric saw only to crawl out moments later with a catalytic converter.

The employee gave chase and a scuffle ensued, but the thief was able to get away in his vehicle. After a short distance and suspect began ramming his car into the car of the store employee, who had jumped into his own vehicle to continue the chase. That’s when San Antonio Police say the employee pulled a gun she shot the suspect.

Officers found the catalytic converter where the employee said it would be.

Meanwhile the suspect is recovering from gunshot wounds in a local hospital.

The investigation continues, but some local residents say the furniture store employee is a hero and should not be charged.

-Tony Lee