Theaters Report Shortage of Movie Popcorn

Now you can add movie popcorn and other high-priced snacks to the list of things in short supply in the U.S.

KTLA-TV reports operators of movie theaters were reportedly nervous at the recent CinemaCon industry confab about being able to stock their concession stands for the summer and holiday moviegoing seasons, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Preferred Popcorn supplies popcorn kernels to theater chains.  Executive Norm King told the Journal popcorn supplies will be tight during the summer.

He says supply chain disruptions are also creating shortages of buckets and bags for popcorn, as well as cups for drinks, trays for nachos and other necessities.

In light of the shortages, perhaps moviegoers should brace themselves for even higher prices at the concession stand.

Move Theater reports the average price for a large popcorn stands at $8.10 – $9.09.  Candy will cost you between $3.99 and $4.99, and a large soft drink runs between $6.09 and $6.29.

Posted by Jeff Lemucchi – Jun 1 06:58