Roger Stone’s defense team rested its case Tuesday afternoon, with the usually outspoken Stone opting not to take the stand in his federal criminal trial.

Instead, Stone’s team played a partial recording of his 2017 testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which prosecutors allege included false statements regarding Stone’s knowledge of WikiLeaks and their publication of hacked Democratic National Committee emails.

“In order for Roger Stone to be convicted of a false statement, the statement must be proven false. It does not matter if a defendant believes he is lying,” Stone’s legal team argued in a motion for acquittal filed Tuesday. “Right or wrong, he gets the benefit of the truthful answer or a poorly worded question.”

“There is no such crime as attempted false statement,” the motion argued, later adding, “Credico did not pass messages to Assange, even if Stone wished that Credico did, and even if Credico falsely reported to Stone that he had.”

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