You may have heard of “Six Flags OVer Texas”… alluding to the fact that that state has survived under the leadership of 6 nations, including it’s own, The Republic of Texas. But did you know that California was also once it’s own country? So including the Flag of Mexico, which California was once a part of, this state has flown under at least three flags: The flag of the United States of America, the flag of Mexico, and the flag of the Republic of California!

It was 1846. A revolution was brewing in Texas that would raise one of the 6 flags that state flew over it, and California was about to become a Republic itself after Mexican Army Colonel Mariano Vallejo surrendered his command to a group of 30 Americans in Sonoma over a glass of brandy instead of being conquered on a battlefield. The republic lasted only 25 days.

 It was called the Bear republic… something to think about the next time you see the bear and star on the California flag. It pays homage to the Bear Flag revolt of June 14, 1846.

As the late Walter Winchel might have said… and now you know… the rest of the story.

.-Tony Lee